You won’t believe what kind of things you can get a scholarship for!

There are tons of wild scholarships out there. Here are just a few of the more unusual ones you can enter if you need help paying for college. No need to look a gift horse in the mouth; maybe you can turn your love for crosswords or duct tape into cash for a degree. Pumpkin […]

Save Money on Food in College With These 5 Hacks

Food can be pricey, and when your budget is consumed by a cost as large as college tuition, it can be difficult to balance both budgets. There are plenty of ways to cut corners when you plan your weekly meals that will help you stay fed while protecting your wallet. Here are 5 easy hacks […]

This is What Alcohol REALLY Does to Your Body

It takes time, experience, and sometimes a few mishaps to figure out how your body responds to drinking alcohol. But do you know what happens on a physiological level? Alcohol consumption can wreak havoc on your sleep and memory retention. There are also more ideal times in the day for drinking that allow your body […]

Vacations for Solitude

Have you dreamed of escaping life and enjoying doing things on your own? Or maybe you need some space to relax and think. Planning a vacation for solitude can be in a mountain retreat, a private beach, on a ranch, in a treehouse, and more. You may also just love vacationing solo. Mountain Retreat 1. […]

You Wouldn’t Believe What This $16M Mansion Looks Like Inside

Architectural Digest features Maple Hill Farm, a property that hosts several guest houses, horse stables, a music studio, tennis courts, and a pond that’s bigger than most people’s backyards. With natural stonework and wood detailing throughout the primary house, it incorporates the beauty of the surrounding outdoors in a tasteful way. Check out this insanely […]

Can You Believe This Classic Tv Show Has Come Back To Life?

Everyone was shocked when Paramount announced that the classic kids show iCarly will be returning to tv screens. But this time, the characters are facing their daily lives as adults!  The last time this goofy group of content creators signed off was in 2012. Ten years later, the cast is back and better than ever. […]

Top Tips To Help You Fall Asleep After a Stressful Day

Now more than ever, American adults are showing alarming levels of daily stress. In addition, experts estimate that 10-30% of American adults are affected by insomnia, which high stress levels can cause.  How do you protect yourself from sleepless nights when your days are full of anxiety-inducing stressors? These relaxation tips will help you fall […]

5 Gadgets You Need For Puppy-Proofing Your Home

Puppies are curious creatures. When they start chewing up items they’re not familiar with, they can end up really hurting themselves. Every one of those accidents can result in vet bills that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You can prevent your dog from getting into harmful substances by taking time to puppy-proof your […]

Make On-Campus Housing More Affordable Using These 3 Tips

Tuition, fees, and meals cost a pretty penny for a broke college student. On top of that, housing alone is priced at $11,500 on average. Is there any way you can cut the costs and make your on-campus experience more affordable? Lower the price tag of campus housing options with these 3 savings tips.  1. […]

3 Medical Jobs That Don’t Require A Degree

Precious lives lost, cyclical spikes of infection, raging unemployment- it’s hard to navigate all of the curveballs that COVID-19 has been throwing.  In order to accommodate these changes, studies have revealed that over 64% of American workers have been actively searching for a new line of work. People working at hospitals have been working the […]