Pisces Horoscope

Mar 6, 2021… Pisces could get bogged down by the small stuff today. If you can’t see the forest for the trees, you are in good company. Allowing yourself to get side tracked by the little problems that can arise can make you miss the bigger picture. They are called “small stuff” for a reason — so that we don’t sweat them too much. Focusing on the things that really matter to you can create a more fulfilling Saturday.

Today’s Soul Advice: An idle mind is no one’s friend if you’re facing anxiety or self-sabotage. If you have moments in which your consciousness drifts toward turning on you, try instead to engage your mind with challenging tasks. Whether you enjoy puzzles, video or word games, or detective shows and books, find ways to keep your mind working so that it doesn’t have a chance to self-destruct. Of course you have to deal with the underlying causes, but keeping your brain positive and engaged can actually help you heal from destructive thoughts.