Sagittarius Horoscope

Mar 2, 2021… Things may not be especially clear for Sagittarians today. Though your thoughts normally transfer into action with relative ease, today might be much more of a struggle to get moving. If you’re feeling mentally fuzzy, overwhelmed or even stuck — try prioritizing your tasks first, then knock as many small and easy things off your list as possible. That will give you some early momentum. You can do it.

Today’s Soul Advice: Art is an extremely valuable form of human expression, yet our society struggles with the concept of value. We try to categorize art and put certain artists above others. In fact, though, all art is beautifully important so long as it is meaningful to someone, whether that be the creator or an onlooker. It doesn’t matter if it is macaroni art or a Van Gogh. Allow your soul to be expressed… in your own special style.