Taurus Horoscope

Mar 1, 2021… Taureans could enjoy a meeting of minds today, especially if you can delve into conversations about the mind itself, the spirit, and the universe. So, enjoy some great conversation — even seek it out. Put your two cents in, but don’t dismiss the thoughts of others who feel differently. Be considerate, and think of how you would feel in their shoes. Lift people up, and it will warm your heart when you connect.

Today’s Soul Advice: Art is an extremely valuable form of human expression, yet our society struggles with the concept of value. We try to categorize art and put certain artists above others. In fact, though, all art is beautifully important so long as it is meaningful to someone, whether that be the creator or an onlooker. It doesn’t matter if it is macaroni art or a Van Gogh. Allow your soul to be expressed… in your own special style.