Taurus Horoscope

Nov 29, 2020… Taureans could find positive new ways to release their anxious energy today. How do you cope with stress? If you’re like most Taureans, you might internalize it a little too much. While some use nail biting, over-eating, or other unhealthy methods, others try to hide it and power through as best they can. The result is exhaustion and poor health. But, you can turn it around! When better ways to release anxiety arise today, seize them! Snatching up some great coping skills can up your vibe and your weekend.

Today’s Soul Advice: When you get weary, rest. Take a break. You aren’t ever weak for knowing when you need to recharge. You’re wise and you’ll come out stronger if you give yourself time to rest. Stay strong. You can keep going once you’re ready and rested, friend.